#15 Christiane Grijalva

Hi! My name is Christiane Grijalva, I am a junior at Golden Valley Highschool. I graduate in the year 2017. I have been playing softball since I was 9 years old, I love the game, the game is practicually my life. I practice hard, I love lifting, practicing, and just getting better at the game physically and mentally. I have been a starting pitcher all 2 years I played for JV and Varsity. My goal for this upcoming year is to pitch my best, and be a good team player. I want togo in to the Marines as an officer, I would like to attend a military school and continue to play softball as Im striving for my future.

Player Information

Age Birth Date Height Weight
16 3/17/1999 5' 4" 168

Academic Information
School(s) Freemont Charter School, Weaver, Rivera, Golden Valley Highschool.

Graduation Year GPA SAT / ACT
2017 2.9  

Defensive Position(s) Bats Throws
Pitcher, Outfield, First base Left Left

Running Times
Home to First Home to Second Home to Home

Awards, Honors, and Activities
In Middle school I got best defensive player, and MVP in softball. Freshman year I got best defensive player, Sophomore year I got 1st team all league on varsity softball.

Academic Interests
Marines, Military Officer

NCAA Number  

Contact Information

Address Phone Number
54 San Pedro 209-233-5207

Parents E-mail
Stephanie Grenier, Samuel Grijalva StephanieGrenier16@gmail.com

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