#09 Lily Heavner

My name is Lily Heavner and I will be a sophomore at Mariposa County High School this Fall. I've played softball since I was 5 years old, now playing for my high school and travel team. I play basketball and volleyball for my high school as well. Outside of sports, I play the flute with my highschool band and also love playing my guitars and ukulele. Art is also a big passion of mine.

Player Information

Age Birth Date Height Weight
15 04/17/02 5' 10" 140

Academic Information
School(s) Mariposa County High School

Graduation Year GPA SAT / ACT
2020 3.5 PSAT : 970

Defensive Position(s) Bats Throws
Pitcher, Short Stop, First Base Right Right

Running Times
Home to First Home to Second Home to Home
3.46 7.24 14.53

Awards, Honors, and Activities
Softball: All-tourney 2017 Jackson Tournament. Best Pitcher award
Basketball: Varsity letter, All-league honorable mention as Freshman. Most Improved
Volleyball: Most Improved
Lead Flute in high school marching band

Academic Interests
Math and Science

NCAA Number  

Contact Information

Address Phone Number
5173 Bullion St
Mariposa, CA 95338
(209) 617-3286
(209) 769-3367

Parents E-mail
Jennifer & Alonzo Heavner Lilynheavner@yahoo.com

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