#03 Alexis Zavala

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Player Information

Age Birth Date Height Weight
15 11/09/01 5'1" 117

Academic Information

Graduation Year GPA SAT / ACT
2019 3.77  

Defensive Position(s) Bats Throws
Pitcher, Right Field Right Right

Running Times
Home to First Home to Second Home to Home

Awards, Honors, and Activities
Varsity softball ( freshman,sophomore)- 2nd team all league, freshman sophomore basketball- captain, JV volleyball-defensive, powder puff , PHS Ambassador, ASB

Academic Interests
Sports medicine

NCAA Number  

Contact Information

Address Phone Number
727 Balsam Dr
Newman, CA 95360

Parents E-mail
Felipe and Rosa Zavala Rsolvera3@yahoo.com

To contact coach Stan Hansen, call 209-620-3377 or email elkhunter1959@ymail.com